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Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Terry - Sous chef
Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Alice - Pastry chef

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Alice's Vanilla Poached Apricots
After the cold winter months summer is finally with us and with that comes British fruits. As I'm
sure any pastry chef will say summer is a hugely inspirational time of year as the colours are
becoming more vibrant and there are hidden gems of inspiration all around the garden.
This year we’ve started summer with a beautiful apricot dish influenced by British bees. In this
dish we feature a Wildflower honey that is rich in flavour, amber in colour and has notes of
toffee and raisins. This is perfect for our dish as it really enhances our granola.
To complement this dish we gently poach our apricots to bring out the natural sweetness.
Also add a vanilla pod to give a real depth of flavour to the apricot. The method of poaching
means the fruit gets simmered in a sugar syrup allowing it to take on the infused flavours.
This plumps up the fruits giving you a soft texture and removes the bitterness.
Alice - pastry chef
Vanilla Poached Apricots;
(to serve 4)
250g caster sugar 250ml water
1 vanilla pod
4 apricots
- prepare the apricots by cutting them in half and removing the stone - Combine the sugar and
water in a medium sized sauce pan
- Bring to a boil on a medium heat
- Reduce the heat to low and add the prepared apricots
- Allow them to simmer in the syrup for 5 mins or until just soft. - remove the apricots from the
What better to have on a summers afternoon served warm in a bowl with some homemade
honey ripple ice cream
4 egg yolks
50g caster sugar
250g cream
250g milk
70g wild flower honey
In a bowl combine egg yolks and sugar, whisking well.
In a small saucepan heat milk and cream until boiling. Once boiling pour over the egg yolk
mixture whisking continuously until combined.
Begin to churn in an ice cream machine for approximately 15 mins or to manufacture
instructions. Once the ice cream as started to look thick and creamy pour in the honey and
stop the mixing process. This will ripple the honey through the ice-cream giving you a velvety
ripple effect.
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