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Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Terry - Sous chef
Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
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Terry's Summer fruit Rumtopf
As we begin to enjoy the gorgeous summer sun and the days are becoming lighter, the fruits on offer
for harvesting are in full swing as we go through the upcoming months. I find this time perfect to
start thinking about the Game season and making a great Rumtopf with all the different fruits as we
go through the year. I use strawberries, apricots, plums, red currants, raspberries, greengages,
pears, gooseberries, peaches and cherries to create our Rumtopf at the Old Vicarage.
I would certainly recommend you use a really good quality rich dark spiced rum to ferment the fruit
as it will give you the best results and the best flavours. It will marry so well with pigeon, partridge,
pheasant, deer and many more as we move into game season in Autumn.

Terry - Sous chef
Fruits that you want to avoid using in your Rumtopf are apples, rhubarb, bananas, citrus,
blackberries, blueberries, watermelon, since all these are either too acidic, too seedy, or watery and
can make your Rumtopf bitter and discolour the other fruits.
To start your Rumtopf I find the best jar to use is a 1-2 litre Kilner jar (it’s worth making 2 jars full) or
if you have any old jam jars around the house they will be fine too, just adjust the recipe accordingly.
Remember to sterilise your jars before use.
Wash and thoroughly dry the first chosen fruits.
Remove any stems, seeds and pips.
Place one pound of fruit and half a pound of sugar into your Kilner jars.
Pour in enough rum to cover the fruit by at least one inch.
Close the Kilner jars tightly.
Store the jars in a cool place, away from sunlight. (I personally put mine in the fridge but a cellar or
cool larder would be good)
Every month, add an additional layer of fruit and for each additional layer of fruit follow the
instructions above.
Throughout the summer, repeat the process for each new fruit layer until your Rumtopf is full. Then
allow the mixture to sit for 4 to 6 weeks. The liquor becomes syrupy with the heady taste of the
summer fruits. Then as we enter the Game season you will be able to serve up your delicious
Rumtopf to family and friends with the Game of your choice. It is also scrumptious served spooned
over ice cream, or a slippery Panna Cotta for a very grown up dessert.
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