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Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Terry - Sous chef
Fine Dining at The Old Vicarage Restaurant, Ridgeway, Sheffield
Alice - Pastry chef

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Terry's Summer fruit Rumtopf
As we begin to enjoy the gorgeous summer sun and the days are becoming lighter, the fruits on offer
for harvesting are in full swing as we go through the upcoming months. I find this time perfect to
start thinking about the Game season and making a great Rumtopf with all the different fruits as we
go through the year. I use strawberries, apricots, plums, red currants, raspberries, greengages,
pears, gooseberries, peaches and cherries to create our Rumtopf at the Old Vicarage.
I would certainly recommend you use a really good quality rich dark spiced rum to ferment the fruit
as it will give you the best results and the best flavours. It will marry so well with pigeon, partridge,
pheasant, deer and many more as we move into game season in Autumn.

Terry - Sous chef

Nathan's English asparagus with quails eggs and a lemon butter sauce
At last Spring has finally arrived with all its exciting new season’s ingredients on  offer:- asparagus, Jersey Royals, wild morels, wild garlic, tarragon, chives, tender  lamb – the list grows daily and I need to cook with all of them. 

We have an abundance of wild garlic in our copse but you can look for it on  riverbanks and lakesides.
As a fisherman I often bring handfuls home with me and  love the little star shaped white flowers to scatter over the food. 

Here’s a very simple asparagus starter from Nathan for you to try at home.

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